Top 3 Bowling Team All Time

Hey, Cricket fans today we are covering information about the Best Bowling Atack team in Cricket history. The bowler has a lot of importance in cricket. A good team is a team whose bowlers are also good with batting. In the world of cricket, different teams have ruled on the basis of bowling. From this article, you can know the all-time best bowling team in the world.

Top 3 Bowling Team All Time

Today we are going to tell you about the top 3 bowling teams all time in cricket. Which is considered the best bowling team in cricket history. Read the full article to know about the best bowling team.

West Indies

West Indies is the Best Bowling Atack team in Cricket history. The team is leading the list of Top 3 Bowling Teams of all time. West Indies cricket team ruled cricket for 25 years.

Best Bowling Atack team in Cricket history

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From 1980 to 1995 West Indies did not lose a single match in test cricket. The main reason for this successive win was the attacking bowling of the West Indies. The combination of Michael Holding, Sir Andy Roberts, Joel Garner, Colin Croft, and Malcolm Marshall this 5 Bowler is the best combination in the West Indies squad. They had the best fast bowlers of all time. In that era, the fear of these bowlers was felt by every batsman.


Pakistan is on the 2nd position in the Top 3 Bowling Team All Time in all time table. Pakistan cricket team is always known for their left-hand fast bowlers. There is no one among those who follow cricket who would not know Pakistani Bowlers. Between 1990 to 2010 Pakistan is the leading best bowling team. During this, there was no match that Pakistan could not win on the strength of bowling.

Top 3 Bowling Team All Time

Bowling has always been the strength of the Pakistan cricket team. When Waqar Younis and Wasim Akram used to bowl in the Pakistan cricket team, they had the ability to all-out the team playing against them. Both these bowlers could do both in swing, out swing, and reverse swing. Due to this, the opposite team had to face a lot of difficulties in batting.

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Australia is one of the Best Attacking Bowling teams in Cricket history. Australia is a very balancing team which have good batsman and good bowler all time. The specialty of the Australian team has been that they have the best fast bowler as well as the best spin bowler. Australia is one of the best cricket teams of all time because of balancing batting and bowling both.

Best Attacking Bowling teams in Cricket history

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In bowling, Shane Warne was 2nd best leg break spinner in the world. He used to play for the Australia team. The combination of Shane Warne and Glenn McGrath in test cricket was most like spell. The pair bowled very well with a white ball and a red ball. If we talk about the fast bowlers of Australia which make them the best bowling team then Glenn McGrath, Jason Gillespie, Brett Lee, and Michael Kasprowicz this world-class bowler was in their team.

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