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Sunita Marshall Biography, Age, Family, Husband:- Sunita Marshall is the most beautiful actress in Pakistan. In ARY digital drama series including Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3, Aulad, Dil Zar Zar (2022), and Pinjra (2022), Pakistani actress Sunita Marshall has made appearances. A Pakistani actress named Sunita Marshall will also appear in the upcoming drama Sar-e-Raah (2023).

Marshall’s modeling career has been fruitful; she has been nominated for numerous awards in various categories. Sunita Marshall portrayed the same character in Mera Sai 2 after first appearing in the 2010 film. She frequently participates in PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week. Shehla was a character she played in the Hum TV program Dil-e-Baker. In Sunita Marshall’s Biography, you will get to know a lot about it. Continue reading

Sunita Marshall Age

Sunita Marshall was born on 9 April 1981, the place where she was born is Lahore, Pakistan which is a famous place in Pakistan. She will be 42 years old in 2023. People keep searching on Google regarding their age.


Sunita Marshall Husband & Child

Sunita Marshall is married to a person named Hassan Ahmed, who is a co-star, they both love each other very much. They both have two children, a boy and a girl. Their boy’s name is Raakin Ahmed and their girl’s name is Zynah Ahmed. Sunita and Hasan love their children very much. These two are happy with each other.

Sunita Marshall


  • 7th Lux Style Awards
  • 4th Hum Awards


  • Suhana
  • Tair e Lahoti
  • Tum Jo Miley
  • Bulbulay
  • Qaid-e-Tanhai
  • Mera Saaein
  • Mohabbat Rooth Jaye Toh
  • Mera Saaein 2
  • Sitamgar
  • Rukhsati
  • Kitni Girhain Baaki Hain
  • Agar Ho Sakay Tou
  • Dil-e-Beqarar
  • Naimat
  • Main Akeli
  • Khalish
  • Ghamand
  • Haqeeqat
  • Aulaad
  • Khuda Aur Muhabbat 3

TV Shows

  • Jago Pakistan Jago
  • Nestle Nido Young Stars
  • Iftar Mulaqat
  • Mazaaq Raat

Sunita Marshall Career

Marshall started off as a model. She wore a variety of exquisite outfits that enhanced their beauty. She wears a range of fashions and confidently walks down ramps. Sunita Marshall becomes an excellent model because of her gorgeous and sharp facial features. Sunita is a gorgeous and alluring actress. She is gorgeous as well as talented. Her appearances during PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week are regular. In drama series, Sunita Marshall has played a number of memorable roles. She was outstanding in a number of drama shows. With her superb performance, she captured the hearts of many. People from all around the world are her fans.

Her on-ramp and theatrical performances were eagerly awaited by her fans. She has become well-known in the entertainment industry in a relatively short amount of time. Watching her on television is a hit with everyone. This drama series featured a magnificent Sunita Marshall. The drama was a financial hit. One of the most well-known drama series ever produced is this one. One of the appeals of Mera Saeein’s drama serial is the story, which is highly unique. The play’s political scenario is its focal point. Its unique story made people enjoy it. In it, Sunita Marshall played a crucial part. The drama’s second episode is also accessible. In this drama series, Sunita looks lovely and gives a fantastic performance. She had a fantastic role in it. Sunita Marshall Biography


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Sunita Marshall’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Sunita Marshall’s net worth is believed to range between $1 million and $5 million. She is a well-known actress as well.

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