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Sachin Meena Biography, Age, Family, Nationality, Wife, Latest News, Ethnicity, Wiki & More

chin Meena Biography, Age, Family, Wife, Latest News- Sachin Meena has become a very searched name on social media these days. He is Indian and he married a Pakistani lady. Pakistani lady Seema Haider came to India with her children and married Sachin Meena. Seema Haider left her Pakistani husband. Sachin and Seema met while playing pubg in 2019 and then their meeting turned into love. For her love, Seema left her husband and came to India with her children, and married Sachin.

Sachin Meena Age

Talking about the age of Sachin Meena, there is no information about his age on social media, according to us, his age is 25 years, and he was born around 1998. He lives in Noida.

Sachin Meena Family

Sachin’s father Netrapal Singh, works in a plant nursery near the village, his mother’s name is Rani and he has five siblings. We are searching for more details about Sachin’s family.

Sachin and Seema’s love story

Friends, if we talk about the love tale of Sachin Meena of India and Seema Haider of Pakistan, it is equal to any romance in Hindi cinema.

Sachin Meena and Seema Haider originally met in the year 2019 through the online game PUBG, and their friendship grew steadily over time. Their love grew to the point when Seema Haider decided to leave her husband and enter India illegally, crossing international boundaries with their children. Sachin Meena Biography

Sachin Meena Biography, Age, Family, Nationality, Wife, Latest News

NameSachin Meena
Age25 years
ProfessionMedia Personality
Marital StatusMarried
Wife NameSeema Haider
Father NameNetrapal
Mother NameRani
Sibling5 (Brother and Sister)
Weight52 Kg (Approx)
Height5 Feet, 8 Inches (Approx)
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack


Who is Sachin Meena’s wife Seema Haider?

Seema Haider is a Pakistani Muslim woman who fell in love with Sachin Meena of Greater Noida while playing the online PUBG game in 2019, and her love was so strong that she moved to India with her four children. After marrying Sachin, she switched to Hinduism. She is now residing in India with Sachin and her children.

Seema Haider Ex-Husband

According to information obtained, Seema Haider, who unlawfully crossed international borders to find love through PUBG, married Ghulam Haider of Pakistan in 2016.

According to the information, Seema Haider married Ghulam Haider in a love marriage in which Seema Haider defied her family and had a court marriage with Ghulam Haider. In addition, he had four children from his first marriage, and Ghulam Haider currently works in Saudi Arabia, according to the source.

Sachin Meena and Seema Haider meet

meena enjoyed playing online pubg, and after meeting Seema Haider of Pakistan in pubg, their meeting gradually grew into love, and both of them chose to be together.

After that, Seema Haider decided to come to India from Pakistan to find her love, for which she sold her property. She then secured a Nepal visa for herself and her children in Dubai and traveled to Nepal, where Sachin was purportedly living. I’ve been waiting for him ever since.

Following that, they both illegally crossed India’s international border via Nepal and traveled to Noida. About a kilometer away from his house, he began living with Seema Haider.

The revelation of their simple love tale drew the attention of authorities when Sachin was stopped on his way to Ballabhgarh in Haryana and then taken to Noida for questioning.

Following that, during interrogation, he stated that the border is from Khairpur in Pakistan’s Sindh region.

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Sachin Meena and Seema Haider latest news

Sachin Meena and Seema Haider’s love tale was uncovered when both approached a lawyer to get married, and the lawyer discovered that Seema Haider’s visa was Pakistani, so he informed the police. After receiving the information, the police arrested both Seema and Sachin and during interrogation, Seema revealed that she was a victim of domestic violence in Pakistan.

She then chose to travel to India with her lover Sachin Meena, for which she sold her parents’ property in Khairpur, Sindh region of Pakistan, to pay for the trip.

So she set out to visit India, secured a Nepal visa from Dubai, traveled to Nepal, met Sachin, and illegally crossed the Indian border with him to enter India.

Sachin moved Seema into a leased property away from his family after arriving in India and introduced her to the landlord as his wife.

marriage of Sachin and Seema

The love story of Sachin Meena and Seema Haider started with an online pub game. Sachin and Seema love so far that both of them decided to live together. Sachin Meena is from India and Seema Haider is from Pakistan. Seema Haider came to India to live with Sachin and she had to face some problems after coming to India. Sachin is married to Seema, Seema already has 4 children who are in India with Seema. Now Sachin and Seema have started living together. In his family too, Seema has been adopted as his daughter-in-law. Sachin and Seema have a lot in common with each other, their videos are also becoming very viral on social media.


Sachin Meena’s Net Worth

We have not yet received any information about Sachin Meena’s property; we will attempt to keep you updated as soon as we do.

Sachin Meena Facts

  • Sachin and Seema met for the first time in 2019 through an online pub.
  • They chatted on the phone for the first time in the year 2020.
  • Sachin Meena and Seema Haider first met on March 10, 2023.
  • In the year 2016, Seema Haider married a man named Ghulam Haider.
  • He also had a love marriage with Ghulam Haider, according to the information.
  • Seema Haider claims to have been a victim of domestic violence in Pakistan.
  • Seema Haider has broken international law by visiting India.
  • Seema Haider turned to Hinduism on her own accord after moving to India.

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