Reet and Sam Narula Love story

Reet and Sam Narula Love story and Marriage story

Reet and Sam Narula are two of the most well-known social media stars. They are both social media influencers who just married. Their love story is quite unusual.

Their love tale is quite similar to Mohak Narang and Surabhi Rathore’s. Let us investigate Sam and Reet Narula’s love tale.

Sam and Reet began uploading movies on the Tiktok site. Their chemistry is liked very well by their followers. Their videos went popular quickly. They both quickly became online superstars among Indians.

Reet and Sam Narula and Marriage Story

Sam and Reet are made for each other. Sam decided to inform his family about Reet. Sam’s family accepted to their relationship because she was incredibly attractive.

The real issue arises when they are informed of their link with Reet’s family. They recommended them to finish their primary schooling. Her family assured him that he would marry both of them as soon as their studies were over.

But they both persuaded their families to marry them before they graduated. Eventually, they married on September 9, 2019. Read below how the couple starts loving each other.

Who is Reet Narula

Who is Reet Narula

Reet Narula is a Trending Social Media influencer and wife of social media influencer Sam Narula. She Narula is from Punjab. Her birthday is 11 November 2000. Her birth name is Ashreet Gill, and she was born into a middle-class family. She received her diploma from the little city of Punjab. She has a large extended family. She is a social media influencer, dancer, and actress. She is well-known for posting romantic videos on numerous social media sites with her husband, Sam Narula.

Who is Sam Narula

Who is Sam Narula

Sam Narula was born in Punjabi. He had finished his primary schooling in that village. Sam Narula has a large extended family. They truly enjoy one another’s company. Sam Narula’s father’s name is Kapil Narula, and his mother’s name is Bindu Narula.

He excelled in his academics. In his childhood, he was also quite interested in dance. So he started filming Tiktok videos to realize his ambition of becoming an actress. He had also been modeling since his undergraduate days. Sam is now quite well-known on social media networks. However, there is a significant narrative of hardship behind this. He worked quite hard to raise his number of followers. He has been attempting to gain 1 million social media followers for about 1.5 years. He is now a hugely popular social media personality.

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Reet and Sam Narula Love story

Reet and Sam Narula Love story

Sam and Reet Narula actually met when they were studying in college. They became fast friends and began sharing everything with one another. They began to like one other as a result of their everyday interactions. They soon discovered they were in love with one other. Their friendship has blossomed into romance. In reality, their love story is both simple and beautiful. They met and became good friends After some time they got married and currently, they are happily married. The couple has millions of fan following on social media.

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