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Mr and Mrs Prince Wiki

Mr and Mrs Prince is a famous Indian Youtube channel. In this channel, Mr use prince and Mrs uses Rekha Sharma. Before Mr and Mrs Prince’s channel, the couple use to make videos indiualy on youtube. Rekha and prince are a married couple. On Mr and Mrs Youtube channel they make vlogs on daily life. The channel has 822k subscribers. Mr and Mrs Prince make vlogs about thier personal life. The channel is growing day by day.

Mr and Mrs prince with lakshay Chaudhary

Mr and Mrs Prince Net worth

Mr and Mrs Prince is a Youtube channel owned by Prince and Rekha Sharma. Rekha Sharma and Prince Sharma also have indiual channel. Mr and Mrs prince Net worth is 2 caror INR. The couple earn very well on Youtube. Mr and Mrs Prince have a very large fan following and their follower love them.

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Mr and Mrs Prince Controvercy with Lakshay Choudhary

Lakshay Choudhary is Indian Youtube who roast other famous people on his youtube channel lakshaychoudhry. Lakshay choudhary usually roast people on their cringe video. Recently on 13 August 2022 Lakshay a realease video. In the video Lakshay Choudhary roast very badly Mr and Mrs Prince. After 4 days Mr And Mrs Prince Release a video in reply of Lakshay choudhary. Mr and Mrs Prince claim that when Lakshay made video on them after that they received a hate rate on there channel. In video, Rekha said she received abusive comments after the Lakshay video. After this video Lakshay React on Instagram that he will make reply video on the Mr And Mrs Prince Channel.

Mr and Mrs Prince Career

Mr and Mrs Prince Youtube channel is run by Prince Sharma and Rekha Sharma. The Couple starts the channel in 2017. The couple did hard work to grow their channel. The couple have 5 You tube channel Which is following Mr And Mrs Prince (881k subscriber), Be Natural(6.15M Subscriber), Rekha Sharma(708k Subscriber), Rekha Vs Prince(119K Subscriber) , Prince Sharma(251k). The couple starts Youtube career with Be Natural. Rekha Sharma started Be Natural channel in 2017 and make videos on Lifestyle, Makeup and fashion design on the channel.

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