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Maharana Pratap Biography, History, Death

Maharana Pratap Wikipedia, Biography & Wiki-: We all know that Maharana Pratap was a brave warrior, he fought and won many battles.

Maharana Pratap Wikipedia, Biography

Pratap, also known as Maharana Pratap Singh, was a renowned warrior king of Mewar, now in the Indian state of Rajasthan. He was born on May 9, 1540, and ascended to the kingdom in 1572, succeeding his father, Maharana Udai Singh II. As he battled against the Mughal Empire commanded by Emperor Akbar, Maharana Pratap is remembered for his courage, gallantry, and everlasting loyalty to his realm and people. His valiant fights and tactical techniques earned him a place in Indian history as a symbol of resistance to foreign invaders.

Maharana Pratap Biography

Maharana Pratap Wiki, History

Maharana Pratap was the king of Mewar, Rajasthan, in northwestern India, and a well-known Rajput warrior. For his opposition to Mughal monarch Akbar’s attempts to take his province, he is renowned as one of the best Rajput troops. Unlike the other Rajput monarchs in the region, Maharana Pratap repeatedly refused to surrender to the strong Mughals, fighting heroically till his death. He was the only Rajput warrior to challenge Mughal Emperor Akbar’s rule. Maharana Pratap represented Rajput bravery, commitment, and heroism. He is considered a hero in Rajasthan for his bravery, sacrifice, and unwavering independence.

Maharana Pratap’s Wiki, Childhood and Early Life

Maharana Pratap was born in Kumbhalgarh Fort on May 9, 1540, to Jaiwanta Bai and Udai Singh II. He has two stepsisters and three younger brothers. His father, Udai Singh II, was the king of Mewar, and Chittor was his capital.

Mughal armies encircled Mewar’s capital, Chittor, in 1567. Instead of fighting with the Mughal soldiers, Udai Singh fled to Gogunda with his family. Though Pratap objected to the decision and insisted on remaining, the elders were able to persuade him that leaving was the best option. Udai Singh and his courtiers established a provisional administration for the kingdom of Mewar in Gogunda.

After the death of Udai Singh in 1572, Rani Dheer Bai requested that Uday Singh’s eldest son, Jagmal, be anointed king, but top courtiers thought that Pratap was a better candidate to handle the situation. This is how Pratap ascended to the kingdom when his father died.

Maharana Pratap Biography

The Haldighati Battle

The combat lasted four hours and claimed the lives of around 1600 Mewar troops, while the Mughals lost just 150 men and 350 wounded. Pratap was severely wounded but managed to flee to the adjacent hills. Though the Mughals were able to capture large portions of Mewar, notably Gogunda and the surrounding districts, they were unable to depose Maharana Pratap, who continued to harry the Mughals through guerilla tactics.

When Akbar’s attention was diverted elsewhere, Pratap and his army emerged from concealment and effectively reclaimed control of his province’s western territories.

Maharana Pratap Wiki, Death

The legendary warrior died on January 29, 1597, at the age of 56, as a result of injuries sustained during his never-ending battle with the Mughal Empire. His eldest son, Amar Singh I, rose to the throne of Mewar.

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Maharana Pratap Wikipedia, Personal Life

Maharana was married eleven times and had five daughters and seventeen sons. His favorite wife, though, was his first wife, Maharani Ajabde Punwar. In 1557, he tied the knot for the first time. His first son, Amar Singh I, who would later replace him, was born in 1559.

Pratap is reported to have married 10 additional princesses to bolster Rajput unity. Pratap spent a considerable part of his life in the jungles, and it is reported that his family once had to subsist on grass chappatis.

Maharana Pratap Biography


When Pratap succeeded his father to the throne, his brother Jagmal Singh, who had been appointed by Udai Singh as Crown Prince, swore vengeance and joined the Mughal army. For his assistance, Mughal emperor Akbar bestowed the town of Jahazpur onto him.

When the Rajputs fled Chittor, the Mughals seized it, but their attempts to capture the kingdom of Mewar were unsuccessful. Akbar dispatched several envoys to arrange an alliance with Pratap., However, this did not work. In 1573, Akbar dispatched six diplomatic missions that were rejected by Maharana Pratap. Raja Man Singh, Akbar’s brother-in-law, led the final of these trips. When peace treaty negotiations fell, Akbar resolved to confront the formidable Mughal army.

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