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Isabella Guzman Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Family, Boyfriend

Isabella Guzman Wikipedia, Biography:- Isabella Guzman is getting famous very fast on social media. She had killed her mother by stabbing her body with a knife. She is becoming more famous on social media because she committed live murder and uploaded her video on social media. You will get to know a lot more in Isabella Guzman’s Wikipedia, Biography. continue reading.

Isabella Guzman Wikipedia, Biography

Guzman killed her mother at that time. She was diagnosed with schizophrenia by her doctors, and a judge mandated that she remain in a mental health facility until she posed no harm to herself or others.

Guzman claimed her schizophrenia was under control after spending seven years in the hospital and requested to be discharged. At the same time, video from her 2013 court appearance reappeared, and Ella began to circulate on TikTok, giving her a perplexing fanbase.

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Isabella Guzman Wikipedia

Isabella Guzman Age

Isabella Guzman was born in June 1995. She was born in the United States. In 2023, her age has become 28 years. Isabella is a woman of mixed-race ancestry.

Isabella Guzman Family

Isabella’s biological father’s name is Robert Guzman and her mother’s name is Yun-Mi Hoy. She is also the stepdaughter of Ryan Hoy. She had a violent background, and when she was small, family members sexually abused her. Her desire to join the Jehovah’s Witnesses further infuriated her family. She also acknowledged that her mother’s actions were unwelcome and that their arguments frequently resulted in physical abuse.

Isabella Guzman Education

Isabella’s education has not yet been told on social media, people do not know whether she studied or not. No one knows whether She had studied in school or studied in university.

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Isabella Guzman Wikipedia, Biography, Ethnicity, Age, Boyfriend, Family

NameIsabella Guzman
Date of BirthJune 1995
Age28 years (as of 2023)
Zodiac SignCancer
BirthplaceUnited States of America
FatherRobert Guzman
MotherYun – Mi Hoy
Step MotherRyan Hoy
Eye colorDark Blue
Hair ColorBlack
Height5 feet, 6 inches (Approx)
Marital Statussingle

Isabella Guzman Wikipedia

Isabella Guzman Boyfriend / Relation

She was dating a man named Parricide when she was about to break up with him. She was seeing him at the time she killed her mother. However, there are currently no records of their cooperation. Although she once had a lover, we now think she is probably single.

Isabella Guzman Murder Story

Because a murder story between a daughter and her mother is uncommon, Isabella’s tale is devastating. At their home in Aurora, Colorado, United States, on August 28, 2013, 18-year-old Isabella stabbed her mother de Ella 31 times in the face and 48 times in the neck. Yun-Mi died as a result of the harm she suffered.

After the crime, the murderer fled but was apprehended the day her stepfather called the police. Guzman was 18 years old when she was prosecuted as an adult for killing her mother in the first degree. This made her eligible for punishment.

The stepdad claims that Isabella has been rebellious and constantly at odds with her mother since she was a little child. As a result, when she was seven years old, she was taken to live with her father and later sent back.

Guzman has a kind demeanor but can become furious and shut herself in a room, albeit not to the point of being violent, according to her aunt. Before the murder, Yun-Mi Hoy began to worry about her daughter as she began to pose a threat to her. She allegedly wrote her mother a note saying “You will pay,” which led the mother to inform her father, who spoke to her that same day.

A few hours before the murder, Mrs. Hoy also told the police that she was in danger of losing her life. But sadly, Isabella was never swayed from her course of action, and she went on to murder her mother in the bathtub.

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Isabella Guzman Wikipedia

Isabella Guzman Allegation and Verdict

In Arapahoe County court, Isabella was charged with two violent felonies and one count of first-degree murder. Isabella resisted leaving her jail, thus the case was eventually delayed until the afternoon. The accused murderer entered a plea of not guilty to the charges, and the defense attorney contended that because of her schizophrenia, the murderer was not aware of what she had done. Additionally, medical professionals stated in court in 2014 that Guzman had schizophrenia-related high levels of hallucination for years.

It was even claimed that she didn’t realize Yun-Mi Hoy was her mother and that by eliminating a perceived threat, she mistakenly believed she was defending the world from harm. Given the considerable mental health problem shown in the evidence, the judge was persuaded on those reasons that the suspect did not commit the offense purposefully and did not know right from wrong.

Miss Guzman was consequently transferred from the prison to Pueblo State Hospital for treatment on the understanding that she would remain there until she posed no threat to herself or the community as a whole.

Isabella Guzman Release

Because the hospital must certify Isabella Guzman’s mental health and the court must uphold it, her release is still some time off. She did, however, inform Sallinger in November 2020 that she had recovered and wanted to be free. Guzman added that her parents beat her at home, which frequently sparked arguments. She described how the assault became more severe after she left her parents’ Jehovah’s Witnesses faith. The procedures for her release are still being examined. You can get to know a lot about her in Isabella Guzman’s Wikipedia, Biography

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