Laal Singh Chada Boycott

Crictics On Laal Singh Chada, 1st Day Colleection ll Laal Singh Chadha ll Rakhsbandhan

Superstar Amir Khan’s Movie Lal Singh Chadha has hardly managed to collect 11.50 crore on day 1. Critics on Laal Singh Chadha are also not good This is the lowest collection of Amir’s Movies in the last 13 years. Even thugs of Hindustan which was said super flop movie of Aamir has collected 52 Crore on day 1.

Also Akshay Kumar’s Movie Rakhsha Bandhan which is parallelly released has done business of 8 crores. if we look then both superstars have not touched their own records there, KGF 2 is still the highest opening movie of this year.

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According to box office, India’s report Lal Singh Chadha has Somme Good Collection in Delhi, NCR & Punjab. Many dialogues of the movie have been used in Punjabi so the film has collected some good collections in Punjab.

Crictics On Laal Singh Chada

According to a trade analyst, Akshay Movie may be more good during this long weekend.

According to media reports, Raksha Bandhan and Lal Singh Chadha have 10k shows on 1st day.

According Latest report from Friday exhibitors has reduced shows for both movies due to their little 1st-day collection. In this Lal Singh Chadha, 1300 and Rakhsbandhan’s 1000 shows include. Exhibitors confirm that there are only 10-12 people were there in both films shows so we have reduce the shows.

Crictics On Laal Singh Chada

Some Reviews on Laal Singh Chadha by the Audience
“Amir has forgotten how to act. He insults the viewer by maintaining a weird expression throughout the movie. Very shameful and totally unexpected from an actor of such a huge statue. The movie is a complete flop because of him.”

“Movie is very very disgusting and boring. Instead of spending money on this movie. Donate it to charity.

A good movie needs a proper actor but in this movie, everybody acted in an Artificial manner. You do not feel any realistic.”

Laal Singh Chada
This movie does not look like a remake, instead, it looks more like a parody of the original and the actual Forrest Gump has been made a caricature in the Bollywood version. Aamir Khan has not even understood the real essence of the original movie. He thinks that the message of the original movie is that even mentally rtrded people can also get into the army, marry and live a normal life and that is what he has tried to show here albeit in a comic manner.

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