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Sanjeev Jeeva Wikipedia/Biography:- Sanjeev Maheshwari aka Jeeva, who was killed on Wednesday in Lucknow’s Kaiserbagh court complex, was formerly a well-known mobster, not just a small-time street hustler. In his early years, Sanjeev Jeeva was a typical individual, but as he developed a bullying obsession, he caused problems for the local populace and government in western Uttar Pradesh.

Sanjeev Maheshwari alias Jeeva appears in the form of a gangster. There was a fear inside the western UP that people were afraid of his name only. He took his first step in the wrong world by killing a minister. He was attacked in the court itself, where he was killed due to a bullet injury. He has become very famous on social media since he killed the minister. You will get to know a lot about it.

Sanjeev Jeeva Wikipedia

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Sanjeev Jeeva Wikipedia

An infamous criminal from Muzaffarnagar in UP, Sanjeev Jeeva. He used to work as a compounder in a dispensary back in the day. He had abducted the dispensary owner when he was on the job. In Kolkata, a businessman’s son was also abducted at the same time, and a ransom of two crores was requested. The district administration recently attached Jiva’s property in Muzaffarnagar, which is worth roughly Rs 4 crore. Its name first came to light in the assassination of prominent BJP politician Brahma Dutt Dwivedi on May 10, 1997.

Sanjeev Jeeva’s name also surfaced in the Krishnanand Rai murder investigation, despite the fact that the court exonerated him in this case in 2005. More than 22 cases were registered against Jeeva, according to police statistics. 17 of these instances resulted in his acquittal. Jeeva was charged with operating a gang from within the prison.

Jeeva’s wife has contested assembly elections

Payal Maheshwari, the wife of Sanjeev Maheshwari alias Jeeva, received a ticket from the RLD to run for Muzaffarnagar’s Sadar seat in the 2017 assembly elections, but she was unsuccessful. She was also competing for the assembly election ticket in 2022 at the same time. but they were not issued tickets.

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Nazim joined the gang in Haridwar

Following this incident, Jeeva traveled to Haridwar in the Indian state of Uttarakhand and joined the Nazim gang before joining forces with Satendra Barnala, but he couldn’t resist the impulse to start his own group. Jeeva’s name also surfaced in connection with the 1997 slaying of BJP powerhouse Brahmadutt Dwivedi. Jeeva was given a life sentence by the court in this case. Following this affair, Jeeva joined the Munna Bajrangi gang and grew closer to the mafia boss Mukhtar Ansari. Nazim joined the Bhoot Sadi gang after coming into the world of bullying. Due to this, he got a connection with the big mafiaAnd he had gone too far in the world of bullying.

Sanjeev Jeeva Wikipedia

26 cases, 17 acquitted

Sanjeev Maheshwari, alias Jeeva, has 26 criminal charges pending against him, according to police records. 17 of these instances resulted in Sanjeev’s acquittal. More than 35 goons are in Jeeva’s group. It was reported that Sanjeev managed the gang even after he was incarcerated. In 2017, Jeeva was additionally charged with the murder of businessman Amit Dixit, alias Goldie, and following an inquiry, the court sentenced Jeeva and the other three defendants to life in prison.

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The administration has attached property worth crores

Before the murder, the Muzaffarnagar government had imposed severe restrictions on the notorious Sanjeev Maheshwari alias Jeeva. Here, the administrative team had seized Sanjeev Jeeva’s multi-million dollar property. The government seized over eight bighas of land that belonged to the notorious Sanjeev Jeeva and his wife Payal Maheshwari. In the Thana Adarsh Mandi and Sadar Kotwali regions, the land was split into two sections. The land was estimated to have cost roughly Rs. 1.86 crore. The wheat crop that was still growing on agricultural land was sold at auction for 9,000 rupees, and the proceeds were put into the government’s coffers.

A month ago 21 bighas of land were attached

In Adampur village, 21 bighas of land were attached by the government in Sanjeev Jeeva and his family’s name. In the names of his wife and sons, he had purchased this estate.

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