Most Losses team in IPL II Worst IPL Team in IPL History

Hey, Cricket fans today we cover information about the Most losses team in IPL. We cover all information about their team which makes them in that position. We hope that you will read this article completely.

Most Losses team in IPL

IPL is a known cricket tournament all over the world. So fans have an interest in team performance in IPL. In IPL history Mumbai Indians won most seasons of IPL but Chennai super king has the best winning percentage. Every team make effort to win every match but some team performs very well in every match and some team can not give a good performance.

Today we cover Most Losses team in IPL History. You can check all team performance.

Delhi Capitels

Delhi Capitals held position 1 in the Most Losses team in IPLhistory. Delhi Capitals is the Most loose team in IPL history because they lost most IPL games. Delhi Capitals played 202 games until 13 seasons and lost 118 games which makes Delhi capital the worst team in IPL history. They lose 53.06% of the games they have played. Delhi has to qualify for IPL playoffs only 4 times. And Delhi is one of three teams who have never been able to hold the IPL trophy.

Delhi Capitels

Sunrisers Hyderabad

Sunrisers Hyderabad held 2nd position in Most Losses team in IPL history. Before 2013 Sunrisers Hyderbad was known as Decan Chargers. In the first five years of IPL seasons, Deccan charger played 75 games, and 46 matches they lost. In this five years, their losses match 61.33%. Sunrisers Hyderabad wins the 2nd season of IPL but after the Winning season team did not perform well. Sunrisers Hyderabad improved their games in the last 4 seasons.

Sunrise Hydrabad

Royal Challengers Bangalore

In the worst team of Ipl History, there is Royal Challengers Banglore held position 3. In IPL history Banglore Played 227 games and 113 lost. Virat Kohli is captain of Royal challengers Bangalore. Royal challengers lost 51.35% of matches in IPL History. Royal challenger Banglore team have big fan following cause of Ab de Villiers and Virat Kohli but they can’t win the single trophy of IPL. Banglore Qualify three times in playoffs. Every season fans expect to win the tournament but Royal challengers Bangalore make fans sad in every season. The team has loyal fan following.

Royel Challengers Banglore

Punjab Kings

Punjab Kings are on 4 positions in Most Losses team in IPL history. In 2021 Punjab kings XI change their name to Punjab Kings. Punjab kings are one of the worst teams in IPL History. They played 218 matches in Ipl and they lost 116 matches. Punjab Loose matches with 54.38% which makes their fans sad. Priti Zinta team Punjab kings never won the IPL trophy. but last 3/4 season Punjab give hard competition in the match. Punjab kings have no large fan following but the team has to die-hard fan following.

Punjab Kings

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Kolkata Knight Riders

Kolkata knight Riders held 5 positions in Most Losses team in IPL. Kolkata knight riders have a big die-hard fan following but if we talk about most losses then Kolkata knight Rider is on 5th position which makes their fan sad. Kolkata Knight Riders played 223 matches in IPL and lost 106 of them. Kolkata Knight Rider is a 2-time IPL trophy winner. The team loose matches by 48.44% which is not well but the team had won 2 seasons of IPL. Knight Rider own by Bollywood superstars Shahrukh khan and Juhi chahwala. Knight Riders have a large fan following all over worldwide.

Kolkat knight riders

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