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Gopal Prasad Rimal Biography, Age, Family, Education , Career, Death, Wiki & More

Gopal Prasad Rimal Biography, Wiki, Age, Family- Gopal Prasad Rimal was a contemporary Nepali poet who pioneered a new form of poetry based on revolutionary principles and increased public awareness. She was also a well-known dramatist who pioneered new ideas in the realm of drama concerning women’s consciousness and realism. He was a wonderful individual who worked diligently for the improvement of society, nation, and literature, and he was distinguished by his humility, high and innocent feelings, and lovely demeanor.

Gopal Prasad Rimal’s poems and plays had made a great contribution to improving public awareness. Frustrated by the Ranas’ dictatorship in Nepal, he studied the holy scripture Bhagavad Gita in Pondicherry, India. The Nepali government honored him by issuing stamps with his portrait on them.

Gopal Prasad Rimal Age

Gopal Prasad Rimal was born in Kathmandu, Nepal on 21 May 1917in Kathmandu, Nepal. He died on October 24, 1973, at the age of 56, after spending his final years walking the streets of Kathmandu and becoming psychologically disturbed.

Gopal Prasad Rimal Family

Gopal Prasad Rimal’s father’s name was Umakanta Rimal and his mother’s name was Aditya Kumari Rimal. There is no information about what his parents used to do and there is no information about his siblings on social media.

Gopal Prasad Rimal Education

He was a bright and hardworking student who was enthusiastic about both academics and sports. He received a first-class grade in his SLC exams in 1992 BS and has since worked in the field of literature. His formal education ended when he attended the I.A. for admission to Tri Chandra College. (High school diploma. His debut poem, ‘Kabiko Gayan’ (Poet’s Song), was published in the monthly magazine Sarada in 1992.

Gopal Prasad Rimal Biography, Age, Family, Wiki

Name Gopal Prasad Rimal
Profession Poet
Age 56 years
Date Of Birth 21 May 1917
Birthplace Kathmandu, Nepal
Date Of Death 24 October 1973
Nationality Nepali
Marital Status Married
Father Name Umakanta Rimal
Mother Name Aditya Kumari Rimal
Wife Name Not Known
Education Qualification Graduate
Height 5 Feet, 7 Inches (Approx)
Weight 75 Kg (Approx)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black

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Gopal Prasad Rimal Biography

Gopal Prasad Rimal Wife

Gopal Prasad Rimal was a married guy whose wife’s name was never revealed, hence no information about him is known. We’re looking into his wife; if we find anything about her on social media, we’ll post it here.

Who is Gopal Prasad Rimal?

Gopal Prasad Rimal, a poet and dramatist who made substantial contributions to Nepali literature, passed away at the age of 55. He has left an unmistakable mark on the poetry and theatrical disciplines of Nepali literature. His most innovative poem, ‘Mother’s Dream,’ is an evergreen and timeless poem.  This poetry makes the reader want to change. According to academic Michael J. Hutt, the first revolutionary Nepali poet was the first to abandon the approach.

Gopal Prasad Rimal Career

During his adolescence, Rimal was influenced by rebels seeking to destroy the Rana dynasty. Rimal began his successful poetry career in 1930 and his playwriting career in 1940. After the execution of a group of political agitators, including Dashrath Chand, Rimal assembled a group of young poets to protest by singing hymns at Pashupatinath Temple in the mornings and Shobha Bhagavat in the afternoons in 1941.

Rimal created the “Praja Panchayat” creative organisation to resist the Rana rulers and was imprisoned on multiple occasions for his involvement in the cause. He was instrumental in the development of the Democratic Movement in 1950-52, but he became disillusioned and “felt betrayed by the factional leaders.”

Rimal’s hopes for a democratic Nepal were dashed, and he was committed to a Ranchi mental institution. He was afterwards returned to Nepal to spend the remainder of his life wandering the streets of Kathmandu, mad. Rimal passed away in 1973.

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