Ashutosh Pratihast Wikipedia

Ashutosh Pratihast Wikipedia, Age, Family, Ethnicity, Career, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Biography

Ashutosh Pratihast Wikipedia, Age, Family, Biography, Net Worth:- Ashutosh Pratibha is an entrepreneur, CEO and YouTuber. He has built a great company at a very young age and through his YouTube he teaches people how to learn good skills and earn money. He founded the platform which is an education technology venture. In this, they teach many skills so that people can earn good money by learning the skills.

Ashutosh Pratihast Wikipedia

Ashutosh Pratihast Age

Ashutosh Pratihast was born on 19 December 1997 in Sitamarhi, Bihar. He was very mischievous since childhood. Talking about his age, he is 26 years old in 2023.

Ashutosh Pratihast Family, Education, Biography

Ashutosh Pratihast’s father Mr. Pratihastha and his mother miss. There is retaliation. He has a sister named Divya Pratihastha. When he was in school, he got full marks in an exam in class 7. He scored very good marks in class 10. Then he also completed the 12th class. He got 92 percent marks on boards. Then his relatives said that he should move in the direction of UPSC. After this, he was admitted to Motilal Nehru College at Delhi University. And completed his degree from there.

Ashutosh Pratihast Wikipedia, Age, Family, Career, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Biography

NameAshutosh Pratihast
ProfessionEntrepreneur, CEO and YouTuber
Age26 years (as of 2023)
Date of Birth19 December 1997
Marital StatusUnmarried
Father NameNot known
Mother NameNot known
Sister NameDivya Pratihast
Weight78 Kg (Approx)
Height5 Feet, 10 Inches (Approx)
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Net Worth15 Crore

Who is Ashutosh Pratihast?

Ashutosh Pratihastha is a motivational speaker, finance coach, and YouTuber. Ashutosh is a 27-year-old man. Hinduism is Ashutosh Pratihast’s religion. Ashutosh Pratihast’s goal is to inspire many people by creating wonderful videos on his YouTube channel. IDigitalPreneur was founded by him.

Ashutosh Pratihast Wikipedia

The family shifted to Delhi, Biography

He was the most mischievous in the village of Sitamarhi, where Ashutosh Pratihastha resided. Everyone was bothered by his misbehavior. People even began to argue that Ashutosh was damaged. They don’t have a future. This disturbed his mother greatly. It came to the point that he was depressed. The physicians stated unequivocally that if he wanted to recover from depression, he must leave that atmosphere.

In 2005, Ashutosh’s father traveled to Delhi on the advice of physicians. He traveled there for a few days of work. He then summoned his family to Delhi. Even after Ashutosh and his family relocated to Delhi, his mischief persisted. He used to do whatever sprang into his head. As a result, the father was forced to pay for the loss.


Ashutosh Pratihastha learned to play the guitar while he was a youngster while attending school. His father lost his work at the moment. This harmed the house’s financial situation. His family’s situation had deteriorated to the point that he needed to seek loans to survive. following finishing school, he applied for a position at a firm and was turned down, following which he worked a variety of jobs ranging from research to contact center labor. This DVD was obtained by stealing it from UPSC. However, dreams of becoming wealthy persist. This was followed by a playlet form for education and technology. IDigitalPreneur is its name. Within 11 months, this firm had grown to be worth crores. They began to burn on them.

Ashutosh has taught such plaster stock in unknown, Raina we may accomplish well in our professional life on his IDigitalPreneur playlet form. It also aids in the making of money. He also has his own YouTube channel, Ashutosh Pratihastha. On his channel, he posts films on romantic education. He is also an excellent singer, and he has written some songs that can be found on his YouTube account.

They planned India’s greatest youth festival, Astitva, which took place in Delhi in April 2023 – Astitva gathered 17,000+ spectators, 50+ celebrities, 150+ influencers, and Anubhav Singh Bassi at Asia’s largest indoor stadium, IGI Stadium. and presented Paradox (of MTV Hustle fame)’s star performance.

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Ashutosh Pratihast Height, Weight

Pratihastha has a very attractive body, his height is around 5 feet 10 inches his weight is 78 kg, his hair is black and his eye color is black.

Ashutosh Pratihast Net Worth

His net worth is around Rs 15 crore.

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  • He is the founder of India’s best ed-tech platform, iDigitalpreneur, which he built into a million-dollar firm in 15 months, producing $15 million in sales in two years.
  • In April 2023, they hosted Asia’s largest indoor stadium, IGI Stadium, and produced India’s largest youth festival, Astitva, with 17,000+ attendees, 50+ celebrities, 150+ influencers, and star performances by Anubhav Singh Bassi and Paradox.
  • He is a social media influencer who produces documentary-style films and business case studies in order to teach people about business, marketing, branding, and social media growth.
  • He has coached and encouraged millions of individuals all over the world to realize their full potential.
  • He is also an angel investor who actively promotes startup culture by encouraging businesses to develop, and solve problems, and promote startup culture.
  • He has also met with students from many colleges, and he has been a guest speaker at universities and colleges such as Shivaji Delhi University, Finsoc, NSUT, and Indore Innovation Carnival.
  • He has appeared in the Hindustan Times, Outlook, Business Standards, Times Bulletin, and a variety of other magazines and news pieces.
  • He is on a quest to make India more efficient and economically clever.

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