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Asari Dokubo Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Family, Career:- Asari left school and later changed his name to Mujahid Dokubo-Asari to commemorate his conversion to Islam. He attempted to get active in local politics during most of the 1990s, seeking unsuccessfully in 1992 and 1998 for two posts in Rivers State. Asari Dokubo Wikipedia In 1998, the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) was established, and Asari was chosen as one of the founding members to serve as the group’s vice president. In November, the group released the Kaiama Declaration, which expressed long-standing Ijaw worries about losing sovereignty over their homeland and their own lives to the Nigerian government and nearby oil firms. Oil corporations were urged to halt activities and withdraw from the declaration and a letter addressed to them Ijaw lands.

As part of its commitment to “struggle peacefully for freedom, self-determination, and ecological justice,” the IYC prepared ‘Operation Climate Change,’ a campaign of celebration, prayer, and direct action, starting on December 28. The Nigerian government reacted by immediately cracking down on the organization In 2001, Asari was elected president of the IYC, and he guided the organization towards its goals of “Resource Control and Self Determination By Any Means Necessary Asari has vanished from view by 2004. He would later establish the Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force (NDPVF), Asari Dokubo Wikipedia which would turn out to be a significant cause of disturbance in the Delta area.

A militant organization called the NDPVF was largely supported by local and regional politicians looking to make Former financial backers of the NDPVF withdrew their support as a result of the organization’s shift in political philosophy, and they started sending money to the rival NDV instead. The Nigerian state was then declared to be under “all-out war” by Asari’s NDPVF Although Asari has made it plain that he does not support any specific Biafra independence group, he has previously performed at events alongside Ralph Uwazurike of MASSOB.

Additionally, he has lauded Nnamdi Kanu of the Indigenous People of Biafra in several interviews. significant sums of money from the oil wealth in the area. The Niger Delta Vigilante (NDV), a rival organization also vying for control of the Delta’s oil riches, and the NDPVF swiftly escalated their armed battle. Combat was mainly confined to Warri, formerly Port Ha Harcourt, Nigeria’s oil hub, as well as regions southwest of the city. Both organizations participated in ‘bunkering’ for oil and other illicit local resource exploitation methods.

Asari Dokubo Wikipedia

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Asari Dokubo Career

Asari opted to enter partisan politics after quitting school and ran for office in 1992 and 1998, respectively, on two unsuccessful trials Asari Dokubo Wikipedia The Ijaw Youth Council (IYC), was created in 1998 to advance the interests of the Ijaw ethnic minority in the Niger Delta, was the next course of action for him. The council’s main objective is to emphasize the Ijaw people’s long-standing worries about losing control over their territory and their own lives to the Nigerian government and nearby oil firms. He was chosen as the IYC’s president in 2001 and guided the group in advancing its mission of “Resource Control and Self-Determination by Any Means Necessary.” Then, in 1998, the International Youth Council began “Operation Climate Change” to advocate for and fight in a nonviolent manner for liberty, self-determination, and ecological justice.

The Nigerian government soon launched a campaign of repression against the group. Asari founded the Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force (NDPVF) in 2004, which quickly turned into a major cause of strife in the Delta area. Local and regional leaders seeking to make a tidy profit off the region’s oil wealth mostly supported the violent NDPVF. The group also engaged in illegal oil bunkering and the extraction of other local resources. Asari was accused of treason in 2005 while under the Obasanjo administration, but the charges were later withdrawn to foster peace, which led to the late Umaru Musa Yaradua granting Asari amnesty.

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Asari Dokubo Education

Asari decided to pursue a law degree at the University of Calabar after completing his elementary and secondary schooling but later left the program after a disagreement with the administration. The Rivers State University of Science and Technology was his next destination. Likewise, Asari left for the same cause.

Asari Dokubo Wikipedia

Asari Dokubo Controvarsy

In a popular video from October 2022, Asari Dokubo was shown threatening the followers of Mr. Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, with mayhem while brandishing an AK 47 rifle In the video, Asari expresses his support for Bola Tinubu, Asari Dokubo Wikipedia the All Progressives Congress’s (APC) presidential candidate Two million spectators at a stadium that can hold 15,000? Two million people attended the game you held at a stadium with a 15,000 capacity. You folks need to quit lying. Show us a stadium full of 15,000 people, and we’ll accept it Obi is standing still.

This movement of yours is a joke, Obi. Any sane person would not even consider proposing Obi as a candidate. introducing Obi as a candidate—a man with a poor performance in Anambra. The best the Igbos can offer is nothing to show for Anambra I have sympathy for Igbos. You can abuse anyone who speaks, but not me. You are powerless to help me. If you come, I will go after you. I’m Tinubu, by the way.

Asari Dokubo Wikipedia

Asari Dokubo Net Worth

According to estimates, Asari is worth N622.5 million ($1.5 million). He is one of Nigeria’s most wealthy and well-known politicians.

Asari Dokubo Early Life

In Buguma, Rivers State, Asari was born in 1964 into a middle-class Christian household that also included four other children and was headed by a court judge and a housewife. Asari Dokubo Wikipedia He attended both basic and secondary school in Port Harcourt and was admitted to the University of Calabar’s law school, but he left after just three years in 1990, claiming issues with the institution’s administration. Dokubo Wikipedia He made additional attempts to finish his study, but his involvement at Rivers State University of Science and Technology prompted him to discontinue for the same reasons as at Calabar, Cross Rivers State, Nigeria

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